“Bill always went the extra mile for us. We can’t say enough about how great he treated us throughout the entire process. Our first home buying experience was better than we could have imagined.”

Gene and Tiffany Kukuk

“Bill was extremely conscientious and dedicated to the needs of my mom. He was willing to help in any way possible to find a house suitable to my mother. He was interested in her and how to best serve her. We all appreciated the efforts he went to – to gather names/estimates for work that needed to be done to her new house. Bill was reachable throughout the day and helped the negotiations and settlement run smoothly. We were honored to have him as our expert. He represents RE/MAX in a very professional manner.”

Reeny Morell

“We were impressed with Bill’s knowledge, dependability, and interest shown in our needs and concerns. Bill was “top drawer.”

Gene and Joanne Cope

“Bill was about as good an agent as we could have asked for. His honesty and candor during the buying process was appreciated and refreshing. We are more than happy to recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a property. There is no doubt in our minds as to why Bill is as successful as he is.”

Mike and Nancy Gruber

“I chose Bill because I wanted it done right, quickly, and thoroughly. And . . he amuses me – no small feat.”

Judd Spangler

“Already knew Bill was the best in town! And, efficient as well. Just a great experience all-around.”

Mike and Jennifer Wissler

“When selling our house, we were most impressed with how well Bill handled an unusual situation – the Buyer’s mother!”

Dave and Leslie Matz

“Everything was perfect and Bill is the best!”

Jim and Cathy Cook

“Bill Rothermel was the best!”

Betty Stephan

“Our house was well-presented. Bill was neat, well-dressed, and very understanding, even though we didn’t speak English very well. Very well done. We were very happy with Bill Rothermel.”

Vito and Giuseppa DiMaggio

“Bill’s knowledge of Lancaster County, various townships, builders, the building process and options impressed us most. Bill is one of the best people we’ve encountered in any number of professions we come into contact with. He is a true professional dedicated to serving his clients.”

Greg and Jennifer Harrington

“We were assigned to Bill by our company relocation. We were most impressed with Bill’s knowledge of the County and with the number of choices he provided us; letting us decide. Everything went smooth in building our new home. Bill was great!”

John and Heather Nied

“Bill’s personable approach left us with a great feeling of trust.”

Bob and Karen Collins

“We were quite pleased with our experience with RE/MAX. Our salesperson, Bill Rothermel, was excellent in all capacities. We would recommend him to anyone.”

Clint and Janet Harris

"We were most pleased and impressed with the orientation Bill put together to help us become familiar with the Lancaster area.”

June Termini and Sean O’Donnell

“Bill is very sincere in his efforts to help during both the buying and selling process. We enjoyed working with him.”

Wolfgang and Johanna Weber

“Anytime we had a question, Bill returned our calls promptly and was able to provide answers. We were very happy with the quality service we received.”

Dave Dearing and Amy DeCristofer

“Bill is simply the best”

John and Beth MacAlarney

“Bill’s knowledge of Lancaster County was really impressive and so helpful.”

Sean and Kimberly Strine

“Bill was very professional and honest and at the same time advised us on personal/family concerns. We are extremely satisfied with Bill’s assistance and patience throughout the entire process.”

Luis and Christine Bouril

“All the paperwork was taken care of – it made the buying and selling process stress-free!”

Scott and Jean Nendza

“Excellent job!”

Bob and Sharon Crain

“Bill was the most efficient, knowledgeable, and detailed agent we have ever dealt with on any side of the deal. Bill is extremely organized, professional, and helpful.”

Jim and Jackie Zanghi

“Bill’s enthusiasm and zeal to help us be satisfied impressed us most.”

Chris and Dianne Bucolo

“Bill took time to learn what we wanted and tried hard to help find it. He gave us good professional advice.”

Marlin and Trudy Hess

“Bill’s knowledge and professionalism made for a stress-free experience.”

Carmen and Elaine Pretruzzelli

“All of our dealings with Bill were exceptional – he made house hunting fun and he knows his stuff!”

George and Lori Rombold

“Bill’s understanding of our needs and his respect for our decisions impressed us most. We ended up with a beautiful home in the area we wanted. How could it have been better?”

Paul and Angela Nikolaus

“Bill didn’t waste our time showing us houses that didn’t suit us. He is the consummate professional!”

Dr. David and Jill Emmert

“Bill is the absolute best!!”

Paul and Anna Fazzini

“Bill was awesome! In two days he never lost his enthusiasm. We had a good time in an exhausting process.”

Troy and Sarah Mabe

“You did a first-rate job with great class.”

Doug and Lois Beck

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